Security is a top priority throughout the estate, and Val de Vie Estate is proud to have received the Award for the Safest House in Africa at the International Property Awards for its Polo House.

The exclusivity of Val de Vie has drawn many captains of industry and high profile individuals. They have
chosen to call this home not only for its perfect location and modern design, but because the estate goes
to great lengths to ensure the safety of residents. Val de Vie takes immense pride in being one of the first
residential estates in the world to have deployed thermal IP cameras (40 in total) covering the entire
perimeter, video analysis to monitor intrusions and various systems to maintain security coverage during
power outages.To ensure the maximum safety of residents, further security measures such as
biometric-access control, a two-metre high wrought-iron fence, concrete plinths, full electric fences, on-site
monitoring centre, a CCTV network and an on-site patrol office have been implemented.However, having
such stringent safety and security features in place does not infringe on the privacy of residents.

Great care has been taken to maintain discretion. Speed cameras, speed humps and recommended speed
limits ensure the safety of children residing and playing within the Estate.At Val de Vie we understand that
total safety and peace of mind are as vital as creating a lap-of-luxury experience. The POLO VILLAGE at
Val de Vie will share in all of the above, and more…